eric giovanola

Spot Runner Home

Spot Runner Home

Redesign that achieved the following objectives: Engage and inform users with Flash intro and chapters; direct users to learn more about the service; give users the ability immediately dive into the application; allow users to call in for more information.

Role: Design/IA, HTML/CSS, Storyboarding and concepting for animation.

  • Web Marketing Association Award
  • W3 Silver Award
Spot Runner Ad Library search page

Spot Runner Ad Library

Spot Runner's ad library contains several thousand pre-produced ads for users to browse and choose from.

This redesign focused on giving the user easier and more powerful ways to find suitable ads for their business through search, browsing, filtering, and tagging functionality.

Role: Design/IA

Spot Runner Schedule Builder

Spot Runner Schedule Builder

Once Spot Runner customers select and customize an ad, they must purchase an airtime schedule to run it.

This wizard makes media planning and buying easy by walking users through the process of defining their target audience, geographic market, and campaign goals. Upon completion, the application generates a recommended schedule.

Role: Design/IA

Knock Knock Website

Knock Knock

Knock Knock’s site captures the company’s unique sense of humor and design aesthetic.

The main challenge was creating a site flexible enough to account for exponential growth: While the first line had just 12 products, the company now boasts over 250 items.

The solution is a modular design that easily accommodates the addition of new products and information.

Role: Design/IA, some HTML/CSS & PHP

Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah Center Community

This project was a social networking site commissioned by the Kabbalah Center, and was custom built from the ground up to include features such as mail, forums, and blogs.

I had an early role on the project, helping with the initial proposal and then working out flows and page-level interaction.

Role: IA/Wireframes

Manon LaPlante

Manon LaPlante

Personal site for a Los Angeles-based pilates instructor originally from Quebec.

The design uses silhouettes of real poses by the instructor as well as abstract curves to evoke the sensuality of the human form.

The site had to be in both French and English, since the instructor is bilingual and teaches workshops both in Canada and the U.S.

Role: Design, HTML/CSS, PHP